Affinity VoIP, Software as a Service, Hosted Carrier Switching (HCS) Platform. Our system delivers a redundant cluster of multi-user high capacity SIP switches in a self-healing cloud infrastructure. Our domestic and international network is modularized for limitless scalability and spontaneous growth. The system is capable of inter, intra, and indeterminate jurisdictional rating at a blinding speeds required to handle high CPS traffic.

Spawned by years of real life production across numerous landscapes of demands our platform and software were born in house and built from the ground up. We are the most tested, performance proven platform available for wholesale carriers, service providers, call centers, and small telephony operators worldwide. Our system is a very high CPS SIP switch, featuring:

  • LCR routing
  • Multiple modes of profit protection
  • Mixed LRN and dialed number routing
  • Realtime customer and vendor balance updating
  • Billing engine allowing pre and post pay modeling and variable cost rounding
  • Weekly Invoicing
  • Variable Decimal Routing
Rates Management:
  • Easy Vendor Rates Upload and Scheduling
  • Easy Customer Rates Upload, Scheduling and Notification
  • Full NPANXX Breakout with IntRA, IntER and Indeterminate Jurisdiction
  • Weekly, nightly, and live traffic reporting
  • Multiple SIP error response modes
  • Comprehensive Customer and Vendor CDR Reports


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